About Quad City Animal Welfare Center

Understanding the meaning of "no-kill"

We operate the Quad City Animal Welfare Center as a no-kill shelter. There are many different understandings and definitions surrounding the term "no-kill." Our center operates under the philosophy that we serve our community as a supplement to our local animal controls. While animal control shelters are funded with tax dollars, they are required to control the pet population, and unfortunately that often involves euthanasia. By supplementing animal control shelters, the number of animals that need to be euthanized due to lack of shelter is greatly decreased. We accept approximately 50% of our animals from local animal control shelters. The Quad City Animal Welfare Center alters, vaccinates and cares for the animals that would otherwise be euthanized until they are adopted. Some may state that no-kill shelters aren't truly no-kill because there is limited capacity, however it is our position that if we did not exist, the hundreds of animals that we care for each year would be euthanized before they had the opportunity to be adopted.
Because we are a no-kill and have limited space, release of animals is done by appointment. Please call 309-787-6830 ext. 10.

Please remember that the problem of pet overpopulation is the responsibility of the entire community.